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A Lava Pool Disappears

The most unusual bathing place in Iceland, a natural pool to the north-east of the newly formed lava at Holuhraun in the 2014-15 eruption, has now disappeared.

New Archeological Finds in Reykjavík

The research has already unearthed two structures built before 1226. One might even have been built by one of the earliest settlers in Iceland around the year 900.

Will Katla Volcano Erupt?

Because Katla is under a glacier, an eruption will be accompanied with a major flood that could do considerable damage to houses, roads and bridges in the area. People who remembered the 1918 eruption shook with fear many year later when they recalled the outburst.



Thrift Stores in Reykjavík

Q: Are there thrift stores in Reykjavík? Do you have any recommendations for places to buy Icelandic wool items second hand?

Diane, US


Road Conditions in the West Fjords

Q: Have the roads to Látrabjarg cliff, Route 612, and to Rauðasandur beach, Route 616, the West Fjords, improved since the last time we came, approximately five years ago?


Project at Jökulsárlón

Q: The webcam at Jökulsárlón shows some sort of road or dike being built across the river. What’s happening?

Martin, US


Reykjavík with Hallgrímskirkja in the background

Setting a Book in Iceland

Q: I'm writing a story set in Iceland (inspired by three visits in the last three years with another one coming up in August) and need some help with authenticity and realistic pl


A Tale of Trash

Q: I’d like to know how Icelanders treat their waste, especially now that the number of tourists has increased considerably. What is the status of recycling in Iceland?

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Source: The Central Bank of Iceland
Updated: July 28, 2016 04:30

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Putin to Come Fishing in Iceland?

Russian billionaire Iskander Makhmudov is currently renting salmon fishing river Eystri-Rangá in South Iceland and President of Russia Vladimir Putin is rumored to be joining him.