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Saudi Arabia to Give USD 1 Million to Build Reykjavík Mosque

Saudi Arabia’s new ambassador to Iceland, Ibrahim S. I Alibrahim, who is based in Stockholm, told the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, at their first meeting today that the Saudi government would provide USD 1 million (ISK 135 million) in funding for the construction of Iceland's ...

Blind Photography Competition Launched

A new Icelandic photography competition was introduced at lunchtime today. The main requirement for entry into the competition is that the photographer must be legally registered as blind or vision impaired.


School Project Makes Reading Cool Again

Þórhildur Garðarsdóttir admits to having been slightly depressed by the results of the European PISA children’s education survey, “so I thought about what I could do about it as a parent and as an employee of a publishing house.”


ATP Announces More Acts

All Tomorrow’s Parties, the annual summer music festival at the former NATO base in southwest Iceland, has announced that Public Enemy and Swans have joined this year’s lineup.

Crazy Weather Attacks Again

Iceland has had more than its fair share of damaging storms this winter, with yet another battering the country yesterday and continuing to cause trouble today.


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Fisherman’s Fat

Q: Where might I acquire the old type of fat fisherman used for making their clothing and boots waterproof?

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Dogs in Iceland

Q: Could you tell me about the Icelandic dog culture? Are there other breeds in Iceland apart from the Icelandic sheepdog?


Sónar Reykjavík 2015

Sónar Reykjavik catered beats, party and confetti for the lovers of electronic music last weekend. Now in its third year, the...