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The Eyjafjalljökull eruption in 2010

Flood in Bárðarbunga May Be Imminent

“Between 30 and 40 million cubic meters of water has flowed from beneath that area, but we do not know whether this has been happening during the past few days or just today [Wednesday]," geophysicist Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson said.

Possible Eruption: Where Will the Flood Go?

Four calderas have formed in Vatnajökull glacier east-southeast of Bárðarbunga volcano, considered to be visible signs of ice melting. The big mystery is where the water might flow. It could flood Jökulsá á Fjöllum to the north of the glacier as earlier feared, or flow into Grímsvötn and burst...
Earthquakes and possible eruption site August 27

Possible Eruption under Bárðarbunga

The Civil Protection Department issued a statement at 11 pm explaining that as of yet there is no sign of an eruption on the surface. However, the center at Skógarhlíð in Reykjavík will be on active duty during the night. Víðir Reynisson, the department's director, said that an eruption cannot be...

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Reykjavík Dance Festival

If you're in Reykjavík in the last weekend in August, you should check out Reykjavik Dance Festival – the heartbeat of dancing and choreography in Iceland.


Reykjavík Walks

In Reykjavík Walks , Icelandic historian Guðjón Friðriksson guides you around the streets of downtown Reykjavík.
Reykjavík Walks book cover

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