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Many Icelanders Receive Phone Scam Calls

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
Recently many Icelanders have been contacted by individuals calling from abroad and claiming to be working for Microsoft. They claim to be calling to warn their customers of a virus, and direct them to a website where they can download an anti-virus program.

Unusually Vibrant Birdlife in Reykjavík

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
Birdlife in and around Reykjavík has been unusually vibrant recently. The reason for this is the shoals of sand eels currently in Skerjafjörður. Sand eels are a prime choice for most seabirds.
Sierra Leone

Icelandic Red Cross Sends Delegates to Sierra Leone

By Zoë Robert
Two health workers from the Icelandic Red Cross will over the next few days travel to Sierra Leone as part of an international team working on educating the public on how to prevent Ebola infection.
Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson

Foreign Minister Expresses Condolences over Flight MH17

By Zoë Robert
Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson released a statement before the weekend expressing his condolences to the families and friends of the people on board flight MH17 plane that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine last week.

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Former Reykjavík mayor, Jón Gnarr, gives a candid inside look into his personal and political life in his memoir.
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