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Creditinfo HQ to Move Abroad

By Zoë Robert
Icelandic credit information company Creditinfo will move its headquarters abroad. The company employs around 300 people in 17 countries and reported profits of around ISK 500 million last year, according to news website .
Alþingi parliament

New Pro-EU Party to be Formed after Easter

By Zoë Robert
Benedikt Jóhannesson, head of the pro-EU group Sjálfstæðir Evrópumenn (Independent Europeans), says open meetings to discuss the formation of a new political party will be held after Easter. According to a new poll conducted by Capacent Gallup, a pro-EU right-centrist party would receive 21.5...
Reykjavík City Hall

Left Greens Plundered by Pirates

By Ásta Andrésdóttir
The Pirate Party is taking a lot of following from the Left Greens in Reykjavík.

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The Making of Icelandic Easter Eggs

Watch this audio slideshow of how traditional Icelandic Easter eggs are made at the chocolate factory Nói Síríus in Reykjavík. The eggs are made of a...
Icelandic Easter egg

Icelandic Confirmation

Watch an audio slideshow of a Lutheran confirmation, a longstanding tradition in Iceland.

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