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Icelandic Novels Nominated for French Prizes

Two Icelandic novels have been nominated for the French literary prize Prix Médicis.

Acute Police Illness

Police officers have called in sick at almost every police station contacted by RÚV this morning.


Reykjavík Reads Festival

The fourth annual Lestrarhátíð, or Reykjavík Reads Festival, organized by Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature, commences on October 1. This year, the one-month festival is dedicated to author Svava...

Sheepskins in Wholesale

Q: I'm interested in importing long hair skins of sheep or goats to America. Can you help with a supplier?

John, US


Svavar Knútur in Concert

Singer and songwriter Svavar Knútur will be giving a concert to celebrate the release of his new CD/record Brot at Gamla bíó movie theater, Reykjavík. His other concerts will be as follows: ​Græni...



This time you might be more inclined to install that notorious ‘anti-incest’ app…

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Iceland Review Online

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From Egilsstaðir, East Iceland.

Egilsstaðir-London: Direct Flight 2016

The travel agency Discover the World announced Wednesday that it would be offering direct flights between London Gatwick and Egilsstaðir, East Iceland, starting next year.



School for Children of Asylum Seekers

Fifteen children of asylum seekers in three municipalities, who due to a mistake by the Directorate of Immigration had not been admitted to school, have now been granted admission.


The bridge across Eldvatn, South Iceland, in the Skaftá flood 2015.

Skaftá Surrounds Ring Road, Swelling in South Iceland Rivers

Water from the flash flood in glacial river Skaftá in South Iceland now flows on both sides of the Ring Road. However, the flood appears to be subsiding and the road remains open. The bridge across Eldvatn by Ásar, South of the Ring Road, still stands, but it may collapse as the flood has torn...


Iranian Film Is RIFF Winner

The Iranian film Wednesday May 9, directed by Vahid Jalilvand, won Reykjavík International Film Festival‘s first prize, the Golden Puffin, as Discovery of the Year 2015.


Acute Police Illness

Police officers have called in sick at almost every police station contacted by RÚV this morning.


A gyrfalcon.

Fowl Dead; Foul Play

An uninvited visitor entered, closed the door behind him, ruffled feathers for hours, left one hen dead, and left the scene flying.

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