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The Tourist Who ‘Made’ Of Monsters and Men

The success of the Of Monster and Men song “Little Talks” in the USA, which led to the band becoming world famous, is apparently all down to one tourist who attended their Reykjavík Culture Night concert in 2011.

Government Cleaners On Less Than Minimum Wage

“The Prime Minister’s own premises are not paying the minimum wage and that is in no way okay. We now have a claim filed,” says Harpa Ólafsdóttir, department head of wage issues at the Efling trade union.

Icelander Imprisoned for Drugs Offence in Sweden

An Icelandic man, Sigurjón Árni Jensson, has been sentenced to four years in prison in Sweden for having tried to smuggle four kilograms of amphetamine from Sweden to Iceland. Another Icelander, Gunnar Þór Grétarsson, was sought by Interpol in the same case, but was later removed from the wanted...

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Reykjavík Arts Festival

The 29th Reykjavík Arts Festival will run from May 13 through June 7 with an array of events across different genres. Emphasizing new commissions, the performances and contemporary and classical exhibitions will take place in both major cultural...