GO WITH THE FLOW - Rafting Down the Hvítá river with Arctic Adventures.

The Hvítá—White River—originates in a lake on the Langjökull glacier, where melting ice and rainwater begin their journey seawards. As the Icelandic highlands give way, the Hvítá plunges down the 30 m (100 ft) drop of Gullfoss waterfall, the climax of the Golden Circle, and then flows, tumbles and meanders its way through the low-lying farmland of South Iceland, before finally reaching the North Atlantic. Along the way, it passes Drumboddsstaðir, a family-run farm north of the Ring Road, reachable by one of those unpaved rural tracks I’ve always envied people for having a good reason to drive down. Today, I have a reason: a river rafting trip with Arctic Adventures.

Iceland Travel: Uncharted Territories

Visiting Iceland can feel like arriving in uncharted territory, a chance to encounter untamed nature and experience unexpected adventures. But with so many spectacular sights and destinations to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start when planning your trip. Not to mention that traveling in Iceland presents unique challenges, particularly in the winter. This is where Iceland Travel can help. With nearly 80 years of experience in the travel sector, Iceland Travel takes the guesswork out of planning an ideal Icelandic getaway, offering a variety of intimate escorted tours (never more than 16 participants) that have each been mindfully curated under the guidance and expertise of local residents.