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Route 1 Car Rental.

Route 1 Car Rental

We are a family run car rental company that offers competitive prices and low mileage rental cars. We offer both automatic and manual cars that can have either 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive. If you are in need of assistance on the road we are only a phone-call away all hours of the day, every day. We...
Reykjavík City Museum - Árbær Open Air Museum

Reykjavík City Museum: Bringing Reykjavík to Life

Want to learn about the heritage of Iceland, uncover what makes Icelanders tick, and visit some gorgeous Icelandic nature? Check out the new Reykjavík City Museum . Opened in June 2014, this combination of top museums lets you explore and discover what makes Reykjavík such a dynamic and inspiring city.


viewpoint_75_go_(3)Reykjavík harbor this morning.

Red Light District in Iceland

traffic-rvk_psThere is a big difference between days of the week when it comes to people driving through red lights during morning rush hour traffic, according...