Who Owns HÚ(H)!?

Icelandic cartoonist, writer, and comedian Hugleikur Dagsson has been told he is not allowed to sell t-shirts he designed in honor of the Iceland’s World Cup-qualifying football team because the caption on the shirt is a copyright violation.


School Expulsion Violated Teen's Rights

The Parliamentary Ombudsman has ruled that the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture did not act in accordance with the law when it affirmed a high school’s decision to expel a 16-year-old boy in 2016.

Haukur Hilmarsson

Haukur Hilmarsson's Death Confirmed

Representatives of the exiled Kurdish opposition in Syria delivered documents to Eva Hauksdóttir in Glasgow on Friday, confirming that her son, Haukur Hilmarsson, was killed during a Turkish air rain in Afrin on February 24.