Kremena Nikolova-Fontaine

Zoë Robert

Deputy and Web Editor Iceland Review/Atlantica

Quality Time

Today, teachers really did return to work. Which makes the scene I witnessed this morning all that much more touching and confusing. As has happened frequently over the last eight weeks of the nationwide teachers' strike, this morning I watched a well-dressed professional man having a late...

Winter Tires

Now that snow has draped the capital area, motorists are scrambling to dress their automobiles in winter tires. As for me, I have yet to change tires, because I'm driving a Lada Sport, and can charge through the snow without incident.

Harry Belefonte is the Coolest Man on Earth

Harry Belafonte flew into Reykjavík this week to welcome Iceland to the UNICEF community. One of his first acts, on asked about the weather during Reykjavík's coldest November day in 100 years, was to say, "It's not so cold." On the spot, he sang a charming melody about walking in Iceland in the...

Shopping Flight

As we pushed off from the gate the pilot came over the intercom and announce that we weighed 1.5 tonnes more than when we came. A wave of anxiety washed over me, and I began wondering if the crew factored in the added weight when fuelling up the plane.

Iceland as the Corn Belt

My mom used to say that certain things in my life would happen "When hell freezes over." She was encouraging like that. Today the Artic Council is meeting in Reykjavík to discuss polar warming. If you've been reading just about any periodical you know what the concern is.

It's Dark Already

First a scene from work yesterday: Ed: It's dark already.

One Ring to Bring Them All

As Black Friday swept the malls of America, Iceland too was swept up in the Christmas spirit. Sunday many celebrated the first day of advent, typically a family affair. There were also gatherings in downtown Reykjavík, and, yes, the malls went a little crazy.

I See a Darkness

Yesterday Bart recommended to our readers an article that appeared in the NY Times on the effects of darkness on Icelanders. It just so happens that this article, "If No Icelanders Admit to Feeling Blue, Are They?", written by Sarah Lyall, was the forth-most e-mailed article of the day.

It's Time

The Oslo Christmas Tree has been lit, and it can only mean one thing. Time for Ed to go on vacation.

Living My Grandfather's Dream

We got the most bittersweet email yesterday from a reader who often sends encouraging comments. The reader had looked over a large picture spread on the Snaefellsnes peninsula featured in the current magazine and told us it reminded him of his last trip with his wife before she passed away.