Kremena Nikolova-Fontaine

Zoë Robert

Deputy and Web Editor Iceland Review/Atlantica

Police Pick up Harbor Jumping Man

policecar_psThe police in Reykjavík got an emergency call at 2 am last night when someone saw a man jump into the cold ocean at the old fishing harbor in the...

Iceland “Frozen Out” of Capital Markets

money_pk“As fresh money pours back into crisis-hit countries including Ireland, Portugal and even Greece, Iceland remains frozen out of international capital markets...

One One Two (PS)

Perfect planning for the perfect late January trip to Iceland.

Jay Z Gives Shout Out to Björk

bjork_mutual_coreAmerican rapper Jay Z performed a snippet of Björk’s ‘Pagan Poetry’ from her 2001 album Vespertine at a concert in New York over the...