Kremena Nikolova-Fontaine

Zoë Robert

Deputy and Web Editor Iceland Review/Atlantica

Cuts at Iceland’s Environment Agency

myvatn-birdlife_psThe Environment Agency of Iceland announced last week that six people would lose their jobs in the areas of nature protection and water...

How Not to Rob a Taxi

money-banknotes_psA taxi driver in Reykjavík has used unconventional means to try to recover un unpaid fare of ISK 5,000 (USD 43, EUR 32). The passenger - a...

Watch out for Reindeer on Road 92

reindeerherd_psThe Icelandic Road Administration has asked drivers to keep an eye out for a large group of reindeer close to road 92 between Eskifjörður and...

Glacial Flood Warning in Skaftá

glacier_psA glacial outburst flood (jökulhlaup) is probably in progress. It is likely that the flood originated from the western Skaftá ice cauldron, which last...