Petra Hucke

Petra Hucke

Edward Hancox

Edward Hancox

Marín Rós Tumadóttir

Marín Rós Tumadóttir

Suspect (ZR)

By Zoë Robert
On exercising caution.
Keflavik International Airport

Six Planes Arrive Each Hour

Iceland is currently in the grips of a tourism boom, an issue which Iceland Review regularly reports on. On Saturday, a total of 133 passenger jets landed at Keflavík International Airport, or roughly one per 11 minutes.


Icelandic Whaling Magnate Urges Australia to Start Whaling

Icelandic fishing magnate Kristján Loftsson says in an article in The Sydney Morning Herald published yesterday that there are too many whales in Australia and that whaling should commence there to avoid having to close the port of the East Australian city of Brisbane.

Long Queues at Keflavík Airport Security

The setting up of new and improved security checkpoints at Keflavík International Airport is taken longer than expected, resulting in long queues, according to a statement from Isavia, which services the airport.

Ma Jun

China’s Richest Man Visits Iceland

Ma Yun, the owner of Alibaba e-commerce company, visited Iceland yesterday. According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, Ma is the richest person in China and one of the richest individuals in the world.

Hiker Rescued in Hornstrandir

All search and rescue volunteers in the northwestern part of the West Fjords were called out yesterday due to an emergency call from tourists in Jökulfjörður in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.