Palli Stefánsson

Páll Stefánsson

Editor and Photographer Iceland Review/Atlantica

Photographer Páll Stefánsson was born in Öxarfjarðarhreppur, North Iceland, a stone's throw from the Arctic Circle, on June 7, 1958. He studied photography in the Kingdom of Sweden from '79 to '82 and has since been working at Iceland Review magazine, now as the magazine's editor.

He has published more than 30 books and done more than 300 magazine covers. He has worked for The New York Times, Geo, UNICEF, Leica Cameras, Condé Nast Traveler, Hasselblad, VW, The Observer, UNESCO and SONY, to name just a few. He has exhibited his work in all continents except Antarctica.

Dog Days for Reykjavík Bakery

For 85 years Björnsbakarí bakery has made the bread for Bæjarins bestu iconic Reykjavík hotdog stands. However, from September 1, the bakery Gæðabakstur/Ömmubakstur will bake the hot dog bread for Bæjarins bestu after the bakery made the company a better offer.

Beating the Crowd (PS)

By Páll Stefánsson
If you’re looking for something different, here are five places to enjoy Iceland at its best.

Danger at Dyrhólaey, Tourists Ignore Closures

The Environment Agency of Iceland has closed parts of Dyrhólaey promontory in South Iceland after a big rockslide fell 120 meters (400 feet) down from the promontory’s highest point and into the ocean on Monday. Visitors are asked to respect the closures.

Cod & Horse (PS)

By Páll Stefánsson
One-and-a-half hours north of Reykjavík is Rjúkandi, one of the best restaurants in the republic.

Icelanders Don’t Trust PM

Only 9 percent of Icelanders believe that Prime Minister and chair of the Progressive Party Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson is an honest person, according to new poll by MMR. Even fewer, or 5 percent of respondents, find that the PM has charisma.