Iceland vs Cyprus

Sports News in Brief

Icelandic handballers Ásgeir Örn Hallgrímsson and Róbert Gunnarsson, who play for Paris Handball, scored two and three goals respectively in the team’s 32:28 win against Toulouse on Wednesday night.

Camping at Lake Mývatn in February

Tourists Camp in -23°C at Mývatn

The foreign tourists who spent the night sleeping in a tent in -23°C (-9.5°F) at Lake Mývatn, Northeast Iceland, last night looked cheerful and lively as they were packing up their tens this morning, according to local Kolbrún Ívarsdóttir.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson

Iceland’s PM Says No to Europe

Sigmundur Davíð said in an interview this morning that it was an impossible situation for the government of Iceland, which is against joining the European Union, to at the same time be in talks to try to join the EU.

Westman Islands

Westman Islands Hit by Strong Wind

The wind at Stórhöfði in Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman islands) yesterday was among the strongest ever recorded in Iceland. The easterly wind reached 180 km/h (112mph) last night.

Icelandic Film and Television Awards

The Perfect Line

The readers of have voted on the five best sentences in Icelandic film history, ahead of the Eddas, the Icelandic Film and Television Awards, on Saturday.