Ice cave Iceland

Fatal Accident in Ice Cave

A fatal accident occurred yesterday when a foreign tourist in his fifties fell into a river which runs through an ice cave in Breiðamerkurjökull, Southeast Iceland. The man had been photographing the cave when he suddenly fainted and fell into the river.

0°C (PS)

By Páll Stefánsson
Or 32°F

Iceland Sends Money to Syrian Refugees

The Icelandic Church Aid (Hjálparstofnun Kirkjunnar) has sent ISK 16.6 million (USD 150,000, EUR 110,000) to Syria to help some of the 4.2 million Syrians who are displaced within the country.

Red Light District in Iceland

There is a big difference between days of the week when it comes to people driving through red lights during morning rush hour traffic, according to a new two-week study by Icelandic insurance company VÍS.

On Thursdays, close to 60 percent of drivers drove through a red light in the...