Benedikt Jóhannesson

Benedikt Jóhannesson


Benedikt Jóhannesson holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and Mathematics from the Florida State University. He is born in Reykjavík. Since 1983 he has been running a consulting company Talnakönnun (Data Analysis) and since 2000 the publishing company Heimur. He has been board member of various Icelandic companies, including some of Iceland's largest companies. Benedikt has published a collection of short stories. He is the editor of a weekly newsletter on Icelandic business and economics.


In the printed version of Iceland Review (02-15) a serious error was made in Eiríkur Bergmann Einarsson’s article 'Locking up the Banksters.'

Thousands Protest Government’s EU Application Withdrawal

More than eight thousand people protested against the government's decision to write a letter to the European Union withdrawing Iceland as an applicant country for membership to the EU. The coalition government of the Independence Party and the Progressive Party decided to bypass Alþingi,...

Wild is the Wind

A gale over Iceland has broken trees, lifted roofs of houses and even blown some people off the ground. The wind was the strongest this winter in Reykjavík. even tells of...