Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir

Deputy and Web Editor Iceland Review/Atlantica

What’s in Our Water? (ESA)

By Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir
On Iceland’s strong(wo)men.

New Erotic Gay Magazine Gets Icelandic Name

Elska is a new erotic magazine targeted at a gay audience, set to hit the stores next month. The magazine’s editor, Londoner Liam Campbell, explains that he chose the name elska—the Icelandic word for ‘to love’—because his love for travel began in Iceland.

Icelandic Actor Kills in Criminal Minds

Icelandic actor Darri Ingólfsson, whose portrayal of serial killer and arch enemy of Dexter Oliver Saxton garnered considerable attention, also played a ruthless murderer in the latest series of Criminal Minds, where he kept a family hostage on a boat.

Counting Sheep

By Eygló Svala Arn...
Agriculture tends to be romanticized in Iceland, covering up the harsh realities faced by many farmers. Changes are on the horizon but where is the industry headed?

The Immigrants Who Disappeared

By Eygló Svala Arn...
Sixty-five years ago, 314 young Germans, mostly women, moved to Iceland to work on farms. Many of them never left and are now spending the evening of their lives like any other Icelanders. Gisela Schulze and Hildur Björnsson tell their stories.

The Legend of Zeta

By Eygló Svala Arn...
Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir sits down with young filmmaker Baldvin Z (born 1978) and asks him ten questions about his latest work, critically-acclaimed contemporary drama Life in a Fish Bowl (Vonarstræti; 2014) , his road to success and what lies ahead.