Edward Hancox

Mr. Silla: Mr. Silla

Five Best Icelandic Albums of 2015

By Edward Hancox
Edward Hancox chooses his five favorite albums from Icelandic artists in 2015, and recalls what we said about them at the time.
Mr. Silla: Mr. Silla

Hot Mr. Silla

By Edward Hancox
Sigurlaug Gísladóttir wants to see you blush.
Soffía Björg at Iceland Airwaves 2015

Airwaves ’15: Day 5

By Edward Hancox
Icelanders do this thing on Sundays. They disappear.
GusGus at Iceland Airwaves 2015

Airwaves ’15: Day 4

By Edward Hancox
The grandfathers of the Icelandic music scene headlining Airwaves is right and proper.