The Other Side

Hafnarborg Exhibition

The Other Side - Þuríður Rós Sigurþórsdóttir


The works Þuríður Rós Sigurþórsdóttir exhibits in Sverrissalur display a poetic take on everyday materials, revealing how fascinating a well-thought-out installation can be. Here she exhibits sculptures made out of light plastic fabrics reminiscent of helium balloons as well as works made with found objects and glass. Reflections and repetition are recurrent themes in works that explore the boundaries between art and design.

Þuríður studied fashion design as well as visual art and has worked in both fields. She has participated in numerous design exhibitions and was one of the designers for the Icelandic textile design team Vík Prjónsdóttir.

On display until January 6, 2013

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