Coast Guard

Near Ólafsvík

French Sailboat’s Sad Journey

Southerly winds in recent weeks explain the incredible journey of the sailboat Red Héol, whose debris was found on the southwest shore of Iceland, east of Grindavík, on Wednesday.

Red Héol

Debris from French Sailboat Found

This morning, the Icelandic Coast Guard received a signal from the emergency transmitter of the French sailboat Red Héol, which has been missing since summer.

Icelandic Coast Guard's bomb disposal unit in training

Icelandic Bomb Disposal Unit Trains with Danes

The Icelandic Coast Guard’s bomb disposal unit carried out training exercises with the Danish crew of the ship HMS Triton last week when the ship was docked in Iceland. The Icelandic Coast Guard cooperates closely with the Royal Danish Navy and such exercises are carried out on a regular basis...

Týr Icelandic Coast Guard ship

Iceland Coast Guard Searches for Boat off Libya

Icelandic Coast Guard vessel Týr, which is currently on assignment for Frontex, the European Union’s external borders agency, in the Mediterranean, is currently searching for a dinghy 18 nautical miles north of Libya.