East Iceland

Opening of Norðfjarðargöng

East Icelanders Celebrate New Tunnel

A 7.9 km (4.9 mi) long tunnel, named Norðfjarðargöng, opened yesterday between Neskaupstaður and Eskifjörður in East Iceland, replacing a difficult mountain road around Oddskarð.

New Road Number

Changes To Ring Road This Weekend

On Saturday, official markings for the Ring Road in East Iceland will be changed. This is done mainly in order to prevent tourists from travelling through Breiðdalsheiði during Winter.


Idiots Not Allowed!

The Eistnaflug music festival is underway for the twelfth time in the town of Neskaupstaður in East Iceland. The festival slogan, ‘Don’t be an idiot’, is meant as a reminder to festivalgoers to behave themselves, or risk the festival being cancelled.