Þorsteinn B. Friðriksson, CEO of Plain Vanilla.

QuizUp Sold to Glu Mobile for USD 7.5 Million

Icelandic gaming company Plain Vanilla, which shut down its operations in August, has sold its hit game QuizUp to US gaming company Glu Mobile for ISK 7.5 million (ISK 850 million, EUR 7.2 million). The game will henceforth be operated from San Francisco.

Eve Online

EVE Online to be Played for Free

Icelandic gaming company CCP announced yesterday its plans to enable users to play the massively multiplayer online role-playing game EVE Online for free as of November. After its release 13 years ago, the game, which is set in space, became a global hit and currently has over 500,000...

Plain Vanilla Closes Shop, Lays off Staff

All 36 employees of Plain Vanilla in Iceland have been laid off, as confirmed by the gaming company’s CEO Þorsteinn B. Friðriksson. Plain Vanilla will be closed, although bankruptcy will be tried to be avoided, mainly to guarantee that all employees will have their term of notice paid in full....