human rights

Reykjavík City Hall

Human Rights Council Appointment Withdrawn

The Progressive Party’s councilpersons in Reykjavík have decided to withdraw the appointment of Gústaf Níelsson as the party’s deputy representative on the city’s Human Rights Council after it was protested by fellow party members and others.

MP for the Independence Party Ásmundur Friðriksson.

MP Criticized for Comments on Muslims

MP for the Independence Party Ásmundur Friðriksson has expressed his opinion in the past days that the background of all Muslims in Iceland should be checked following the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. The MP has been harshly criticized for his comments.

Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir

Interior Minister Apologizes to Leak Affair Victims

A letter of apology from the Ministry of the Interior, signed by former interior minister Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir and undersecretary Ragnhildur Hjaltadóttir, was received by the three persons named in the document Hanna Birna’s former assistant, Gísli Freyr Valdórsson, leaked to the media in...

Reykjavík domestic airport

Former Iceland Minister Defends CIA Flights Report

Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, who served as Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2007 when a report on the CIA’s extraordinary rendition flights in Iceland was carried out, denies that the report wasn’t thorough, even though there may be a reason to reopen the case.

'Apartheid' cocktail.

‘Apartheid’ Cocktail Wreaks Havoc in Iceland

A cocktail called ‘Apartheid’ has been removed from the menu of Icelandair Hotel Marina and the hotel’s owner has apologized for it having been on offer in the first place, after facing criticism in the foreign media yesterday, including in stories on CNBC and Time.

HeForShe Campaign: Icelandic Men Leading in Numbers

As of this afternoon, 3,019 Icelandic men have taken part in the campaign HeForShe which aims to mobilize men against the discrimination of women. The initiative was brought to life by a speech that actress Emma Watson gave on feminism at the UN Headquarters in New York on Saturday.