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Industrial Workers in Iceland Postpone Strikes

The six-day strike planned by three unions of industrial workers: Rafís, the union for electricians and electronics engineers; Matvís, the union for those working in catering and the food industry; and VM, the Icelandic Union of Marine Engineers and Metal Technicians, which was supposed to start...

Reykjavík domestic airport

Electric Technicians Set to Strike in Iceland

Members of Rafís, the union for electricians and electronics engineers in Iceland, are planning a six day strike as of midnight tomorrow unless new wage agreements can be reached with Business Iceland (SA), the confederation of Icelandic employers, before then.

Bjarni Benediktsson and Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson

New Action Plan for Labor Market Presented

The government of Iceland presented an action plan in 11 parts at a press conference this morning, aimed at expediting the design of new wage contracts and calming the current unrest in the labor market. The measures concern taxation, welfare and housing.

Icelandair plane

Interruptions in Flights Due to Impending Strike

The majority of members of trade union VR, to which air workers belong, voted today in favor of striking. The strike may interrupt flight schedules; unless an agreement in the wage dispute can be reached in time, air workers are set to strike on May 31 and June 1, and then indefinitely from June...

A farm in Northeast Iceland.

Applications for Pig Slaughtering Deferred

All applications for pig slaughtering were deferred earlier today at the meeting of the Icelandic Veterinary Association’s (IVA) strike-exemption committee. The applications will be reevaluated tomorrow and their outcome is expected to be largely dependent on the results of today’s negotiations...


Strike Leads to Shortage of Meat in Iceland

Hundreds of tons of imported meat are being stored at the docks in Sundahöfn in Reykjavík but cannot be moved on to meat processing plants because veterinarians are on strike. Slaughtering of most Icelandic animals has also come to a halt. If the strike continues, there will be no more ground...

Salaries in Iceland below European Average

In 2012, the hourly labor cost in the European Union was EUR 24.1 (ISK 3,550, USD 26.2) on average, while in Iceland it was EUR 23.2. In 2012, the highest labor cost for all economic activities in Europe was in Norway, EUR 57.1 per paid hour. The labor cost was the lowest in Bulgaria, EUR 3.4....

Icelandic Settlement hens

Strike Affects Animal Welfare in Iceland

The ongoing strike among the members of the Association of Academics (BHM), including veterinarians, is affecting the operations of slaughterhouses; chicken and pigs cannot be slaughtered and meanwhile conditions at poultry and pork farms are becoming crammed.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Strike Continues, Close to 200 Operations Postponed

As a result of the ongoing strike among members of the Association of Academics (BHM), which includes x-ray technicians and midwives, 180 operations have been postponed at Landspítali National University Hospital as well as 15 angioplasty procedures.

Money - Icelandic Króna

Strikes and the PM’s Salary

Today is the third day of strikes in Iceland. The Confederation of Labor has asked that ISK 300,000 (EUR 2,050, USD 2,300) be the minimum monthly salary in Iceland.

Landspítali National University Hospital

Hundreds Strike in Iceland, Surgeries Postponed

More than 500 members of the Association of Academics in Iceland (BHM), many of whom work in hospitals, went on strike today. Most surgeries which had been scheduled at Landspítali National University Hospital in Reykjavík have been postponed as a consequence and surgeries at Akureyri Hospital...


Upcoming Strikes in Iceland, Widespread Effects

After an unsuccessful meeting between representatives of the Association of Academics (BHM) and the Icelandic state at the office of the State Negotiator this morning, it looks as if many of the association’s members will go on strike next Tuesday. Surgeries will be postponed as a consequence....


Foreign Workers Needed for Tourism Industry

Thousands of jobs in the growing tourism industry in Iceland will need to be filled by foreign workers, according to Edward H. Huijbens, professor at the University of Akureyri and director of the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre.

A football goal on Grímsey island.

Fishing Quota Sold from Grímsey Island

Gylfi Gunnarsson, a fishing operator on Grímsey, Iceland’s northernmost inhabited island, will be forced to sell the 300-ton fishing quota in his possession away from the island because his company is heavily indebted and he has been unable to reach an agreement with the bank.


Foreign Caterers Discriminated against in Iceland

Foreign-born waiters and cooks are being discriminated against in Iceland, according to Níels Sigurður Olgeirsson, the chair of Matvís, the labor union of food producers and caterers in Iceland. Níels maintains that these workers generally receive the same pay as common laborers, a lower salary...