Refugees on Lesbos, Greece

Icelandic Red Cross Sends Delegate to Greece

The Icelandic Red Cross has sent a delegate, Páll Biering, associate professor of psychiatric nursing, to Greece. This is the first time this century that Iceland sends a delegate to a country within Europe.

Týr Icelandic Coast Guard ship arrives in Sicily with refugees

Asylum Seeker Shelter to be Set Up?

Negotiations are underway between the Directorate of Immigration and the Town of Kópavogur, located in the capital area, to set up an emergency shelter for asylum seekers.

Syrian refugees on the border of Lebanon, 2014

Red Cross: 200 Refugees 2016 and ’17

The Icelandic Red Cross doubts more than the 50-60 quota refugees already approved by the government can be accepted this year. We could, however, receive 200 refugees a year in 2016 and 2017.


School for Children of Asylum Seekers

Fifteen children of asylum seekers in three municipalities, who due to a mistake by the Directorate of Immigration had not been admitted to school, have now been granted admission.

Government of Iceland 2013.

Iceland to Welcome More than 100 Refugees

The Government of Iceland announced at a press conference today that ISK 2 billion (USD 16 million, EUR 14 million) will be allocated to assist refugees and asylum seekers. Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson said he expected that Iceland will accept more than 100 refugees...

Icelandic Bank Welcomes Refugees

The analysis department at Arion Bank has released a report saying that welcoming a large number of refugees to Iceland would be a very extensive and expensive project, but that the long-term economic effect would be a positive one—adding that there is little to suggest that the move would cause...

Syrian refugees on the border of Lebanon, 2014

Opposition Wants 500 Refugees

Twenty-two members of parliament from all parties in opposition have introduced a parliamentary resolution regarding increased support for accepting refugees in Iceland.

Government of Iceland 2013.

Increased Funding for Asylum Affairs in Iceland

The Icelandic government has decided to distribute ISK 50 million (USD 392,000, EUR 346,000) in additional funding to the Directorate of Immigration for processing applications for asylum in Iceland, which are constantly increasing. No decision has been made as to how many quota refugees will be...