EVE Online

CCP Puts VR On Hold And Lays Off Employees

Icelandic video game developer CCP Games will be putting virtual reality game development on hold for the next 2-3 years, as well as shutting down its Atlanta office and selling the Newcastle office.

fishing boat

Icelandic Nets Big in Australia

Hampiðjan, a major Icelandic supplier of ropes, rigging and fishing gear, has struck a deal with one of Australia’s biggest fishing companies for the purchase of 120 prawn fishing nets. The deal has helped push Hampiðjan to the number one slot as the biggest company of its type in Australia, its...


Teaching Smart Devices Icelandic

Minister of Education Illugi Gunnarsson all but promised this week that Icelandic would become usable in communication with smart devices of the future.

Eve Online

ISK 4 Billion Investment in CCP

New Enterprise Associates og Novator have invested ISK 4 billion (USD 30.5 million, EUR 28 million) in the Icelandic interactive entertainment Company CCP.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and David Cameron.

Power from Iceland to Britain?

At a meeting in Alþingishúsið, the Icelandic parliament building, yesterday, Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to form a task force to look into the possibility of connecting Iceland’s energy grid with Britain’s via a submarine cable...

Google logo

Irresistible Icelandic Google Voice

“Bright, self-assured, helpful voice” is how Úlfar Erlingsson describes the Icelandic computer voice he and Oddur Kjartansson would like to create for Google.

QuizUp app

QuizUp Goes Native

Players of QuizUp, the mobile trivia app based in Iceland, can now create their own questions, it has been announced.

Hafnarhús, Reykjavík Art Museum.

1,000 Art Exhibitions in One Place

Reykjavík Art Museum this week celebrated a milestone in its online presence, as details of every single one of the roughly-one-thousand exhibitions since the Museum’s inception in 1973 are now available on its new website.