American-Style Diner Opens in Egilsstaðir

With red and white vinyl booths, mint-green walls, and 50s music on the jukebox, Skálinn Diner aims to channel an iconic era in American history—as if it had been “clipped right out of Grease.”

Move to Iceland.

Trump Increases Desire to Move to Iceland

As soon as it was clear that Donald Trump had won Tuesday’s US presidential election, the number of US residents entering the internet search words “moving/move to Iceland” skyrocketed.

Tupolev Tu-95 and Typhoon fighter jet

Russian Military Flight Threat Reduced

The Russian military has twice flown near to Iceland so far this year, with four planes. Last year they approached Iceland once, with two planes. According to foreign ministry figures, Russian interest in flying provocatively close to Iceland has decreased in recent years.

Icelandic flag

Embassy Staff Twist Tongues

The American Embassy in Iceland has released a video of some of its staff trying out a few select Icelandic phrases and tongue twisters.