gavel as used in courts

Rape Case Acquittals Protested Today

A protest is scheduled for 5:00 pm today in front of the Reykjavík District Court building on occasion of recent verdicts in rape cases in which all the accused were acquitted.

beauty tips

Women Call for End to Sexual Violence

Dozens of women have been sharing their experiences with sexual violence on the Facebook group Beauty tips! in recent days, using the hashtags #þöggun ('suppression') and #konurtala ('women speak'). The group, which is closed as well as secret, meaning that an invite from a group member as well...

Supreme Court of Iceland

Calls to Strengthen Restraining Order Law

It is increasingly important to for Iceland to give restraining order laws sharper teeth, as well as strengthening laws preventing people being thrown out of home by partners or other housemates, according to seven organizations that delivered a critical report to the Ministry for the Interior...