Reykjavík Folk Festival Myrra Rós

Folk Festival Unites City and Country

By Jelena Ćirić
The Reykjavík Folk Festival's 2018 edition was held at Kex Hostel from March 1st to 3rd and showcased local folk artists of many generations.
Mr. Silla: Mr. Silla

Five Best Icelandic Albums of 2015

By Edward Hancox
Edward Hancox chooses his five favorite albums from Icelandic artists in 2015, and recalls what we said about them at the time.
Mr. Silla: Mr. Silla

Hot Mr. Silla

By Edward Hancox
Sigurlaug Gísladóttir wants to see you blush.
Eivor bridges album cover

Eivør - Bridges

By Edward Hancox
Faroese singer makes a declaration of love. Only quietly.

Vio: Dive In

By Edward Hancox
More Manchester than Mosfellsbær, if you will.

Rökkurró Live in Coventry

By Edward Hancox
Rökkurró are coming to the end of a mammoth three-week European tour, which has been very well received.
Jón Jónsson - Heim, album cover.

Jón Jónsson: Heim

By Edward Hancox
Local boy returns home. Results are so-so.
Vulnicura by Björk.

Björk’s Vulnicura

By Edward Hancox
Björk returns to what she does best with an album to be played in full, whilst clutching a photo of love lost.
Low Roar album 0

Low Roar’s 0

By Edward Hancox
No penguins harmed during the making of this remarkable album.
Drangar album cover

Pillar of Rock

By Páll Stefánsson
Unmistakably Icelandic.

Ásgeir: In the Silence

It would be easy to get washed away in all the hype but Ásgeir’s In the Silence , the English language version of his breakthrough debut album Dýrð í dauðaþögn , truly deserves all the praise it’s been getting.

Autumn Skies

Snorri Helgason’s follow up to Winter Sun is a melancholic, gentle affair.

Bellstop: Karma

I have to say that I approached their album with some trepidation.