The Fish Monger


The Fish Monger

Next generation businessman 15-year-old Starri Steindórsson talks his Hong Kong-based fish-delivery company WILD-C.

Published in the 2013 June-July issue of Iceland Review – IR 03.13. Words and photos by Páll Stefánsson.


I schedule the appointment at 16:21 at Penninn-Eymundsson, the big bookstore in the heart of Akureyri. Twenty seconds too early, I notice a young man entering the store, looking for someone, glancing at his watch. “You must be the fishmonger,” I say. “I’m curious: how can you sell Icelandic fish in Hong Kong, while living here in Akureyri in North Iceland?

“I just saw a business opportunity and grabbed it,” says Starri Steindórsson, a 15-year old businessman and student, who is a year ahead at the Akureyri junior college, MA. “I grew up in Hong Kong where my father sells fish from Iceland to fine-dine restaurants and I saw an opportunity to sell Icelandic fish to individuals, specially-packed and home-delivered. My father’s company sells fish in big quantities but I sell it in small sizes, tailor-made for families for cooking at home, and I do it from my computer in the high school dorm.

“It takes 48 hours from the order to the time of delivery. I’m working hard on shortening the time span and hiring more people to my company, WILD-C—business is growing.

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