Aladdin’s Cave


Aladdin’s Cave

Overlooking the ocean near Reykjavík is a new shop that inspires the mind, body and soul. Mica Allan went to explore and indulge. Published in the 2013 October-December issue of Iceland Review – IR 05.13. By Mica Allan. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.


People are always thinking about what you put in and on your body and now people are also thinking about the mind and the spirit and that’s what we want to help with,” says Guðrún Kristjánsdóttir. Along with her sister Jóhanna, Guðrún has opened a treasure chest of delights in Seltjarnarnes, a seaside town bordering on Reykjavík. Their little shop and café Systrasamlagið (‘The Sisters’ Cooperative’), located right next to a gym and swimming pool, hosts a range of ethically-sourced products from around the world: yoga mats from Los Angeles, jewelry from India and croissants from a local Icelandic bakery. There’s also a wide selection of freshly-made smoothies and juices, as well as organic tea, coffee and milk—even makeup. “We’ve had a great reception. This shop used to be a hotdog place and now it’s a new step for this neighborhood,” says Jóhanna, who has worked in the health food sector for 25 years. “Yes,” agrees Guðrún, whose background is in journalism and the arts, “more and more people want to be able to buy something healthy and they don’t want to have to drive a long way.” You can read the remainder of this article in the October-December issue of Iceland Review – IR 05.13. Five times a year the print edition of Iceland Review & Atlantica brings you a wealth of articles on all aspects of life in Iceland including Páll Stefánsson’s latest images of the country’s majestic landscape. Click here to subscribe and here to view a selection of pages from the current issue.