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Be a berserk for a day. Published in the 2013 October-December issue of Iceland Review – IR 05.13. By Páll Stefánsson. Photos by Geir Ólafsson.


Gásir, just north of Akureyri, was the main trading post for North Iceland in the Middle Ages and was mentioned many times in the Icelandic Sagas, written in the 13th century. Archaeological excavation in recent years has confirmed Gásir’s status, with a record number of antiquities found at the site of the old trading post. In Gásir’s heyday, it served as a connection to the big world out there, with ships from the continent coming and going, carrying iron, china and other luxuries. Iceland¡¦s main export product was sulfur, mined by Lake Mývatn. Used in warfare, it was extremely valuable. You can read the remainder of this article and view the accompanying photographs in the October-December issue of Iceland Review – IR 05.13. Five times a year the print edition of Iceland Review & Atlantica brings you a wealth of articles on all aspects of life in Iceland including Páll Stefánsson’s latest images of the country’s majestic landscape. Click here to subscribe and here to view a selection of pages from the current issue.