Boom Towns

Once on the verge of economic and social collapse, a cluster of small coastal villages dotting Iceland’s East Fjords are sprouting back to life, a resurgence fueled by one of the world’s largest aluminum smelters. But the area’s growth has come at the expense of the region’s pristine environment,...

The Case against Iceland’s Minke Whale

Whaling has been a hot topic lately, as Iceland has resumed commercial whaling after a 17-year ban. Last summer IR reporter D. Heimpel went on a hunt for a minkee. Read his account of the story.

Nomad No. 1201

Two days inside the Kárahnjúkar work camp – Iceland’s fifth largest ‘town.’

Foreigners Need Not Apply

Iceland’s parliament recently passed controversial legislation to curb so called “phony” marriages, and “bogus” residence permits. Is the new immigration bill an example of Draconian legislation or a necessary safeguard?