Kristján Oddsson and Júlíusson

Plans for Colon Cancer Screening

An agreement to allocate ISK 45 million (USD 352,000, EUR 316,000) for the screening of colon cancer in people ages 60-69 was signed Friday.

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Worrisome Videotaping at the Wheel

Many truck drivers appear to have a habit of videotaping with their cell phones while driving and then sharing the videos with other drivers.

gavel as used in courts

Rape Case Dropped by District Prosecutor

The district prosecutor has dropped the case of two men accused of raping a woman in an apartment in the Hlíðar neighborhood in Reykjavík in mid-October last year.





Dagur National Hero in Germany

Icelandic coach Dagur Sigurðsson led his German men’s national handball team to victory yesterday at the EHF EURO 2016 in Poland when the team beat Spain 24-17, making Germans European champions.

Sci & Tech

Internet penetration.

Iceland Number One in Internet Access

According to the report Digital in 2016, published by the UK-based company We Are Social, Iceland ranks first among nations with populations of 50,000 or more in terms of internet penetration, or 98 percent.

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