Icelandic Easter eggs at Whole Foods


Icelandic Easter eggs at Whole Foods

American supermarket chain Whole Foods Market (WFM) has decided to sell chocolate eggs made by Icelandic company Nói Síríus in its 70 stores in the US this Easter.

“There are no profits involved, this is first and foremost a sales experiment,” marketing director of Nói Síríus Gunnar B. Sigurgeirsson told Morgunbladid. “After some time this could pay off,” he added.

Nói Síríus will export 5,000 chocolate eggs to the US in the smallest available sizes to begin with. If the Easter Eggs prove popular among American consumers, more eggs will be exported next year, Sigurgeirsson said.

Icelandic cheeses, butter and the yogurt-like milk product skyr are also sold in WFM’s stores across the US. “Americans love the skyr,” said Baldvin Jónsson, the managing director of Áform, a marketing and sales project launched by the Farmer Association in Iceland.

Last year, after Iceland resumed commercial whaling, WFM announced that it would stop marketing Icelandic food products, but would not remove them from its shelves.

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