Nói-Síríus criticized for advertising in demonstration


Nói-Síríus criticized for advertising in demonstration

A group of youngsters shouting advertising slogans joined a Labor Day demonstration yesterday with signs labeled with Nói-Síríus-produced Tópas candy. The demonstrators criticized Nói-Síríus for the act.

“I find it a grave insult to workers when their demonstration is mocked while it is turned into advertisement for some product,” demonstrator Vidar Thorsteinsson told Fréttabladid.

The group of youngsters, who had joined the demonstration on request from Nói-Síríus and Fíton advertising agency, were not allowed access to Ingólfstorg square in central Reykjavík where the demonstration ended.

Nói-Síríus marketing director Gunnar Sigurgeirsson said it had not been his company’s intention to mock the demonstration.

“It was supposed to be a product promotion and a good-natured joke. We didn’t realize that it could upset some people, but I think it was insignificant,” Sigurgeirsson said.

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