Iceland and Newfoundland to enhance cooperation


Iceland and Newfoundland to enhance cooperation

Geir H. Haarde, the Prime Minister of Iceland, and Danny Williams, the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, met in the provincial capital St. John’s yesterday to discuss the relations between these two neighbors.

A press release issued by the Prime Minister’s office yesterday announced that Williams and Haarde decided in their meeting to form an agreement for a mutual cooperation, e.g. in the fields of fisheries, transportation, energy and culture. The two ministers agreed that the proximity between Iceland and Newfoundland and similar conditions in the two regions made closer cooperation between them feasible, both in the political and economical arena.

“I’ve sensed great enthusiasm from the people here for strengthening the ties between Iceland and Newfoundland,” said Geir H. Haarde in an interview with Morgunbladid daily.

Haarde and his wife, Inga Jóna Thórdardóttir, left St. John’s last night for Gimli in Manitoba. They will attend the annual Íslendingadagur, Icelandic Festival celebrations there.

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