Ten Luxury Cars and Boat Set on Fire?


Ten Luxury Cars and Boat Set on Fire?

Ten relatively new luxury cars and a boat worth ISK tens of millions located in Vogar on Reykjanes peninsula, southwest Iceland, were destroyed in a fire yesterday morning. According to police, there are many indications that it was arson.

“It hurts because the damage is worth at least ISK 70 million [USD 1.1 million, EUR 772,000],” Ragnar Magnússon, the owner of the cars who operates a nightclub in Reykjavík, told Fréttabladid.

Among the cars destroyed were a Hummer, two BMWs, a Prowler, a Dodge and a Charger, which Magnússon had planned to clean and then sell. Vogar resident and friend Annthór Karlsson had provided him with the storage space in Vogar.

Sudurnes Police investigated the scene yesterday. “There are various indications that this was a case of arson, but we cannot rule out that the fire started some other way, like because of electricity,” said Jóhann Jensson, assistant chief constable.

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