Iceland in 14th place in Eurovision Song Contest


Iceland in 14th place in Eurovision Song Contest

Iceland’s entry in the annual Eurovision Song Contest, held in Belgrade, Serbia last Saturday night, came in at 14th place with 64 points. Russia’s song “Believe” won, meaning the competition will be held in Moscow next year.

“We are satisfied with the results and we did well on stage” Örlygur Smári, the composer of the Icelandic song “This is my Life”, told Fréttabladid.

The winning song in The Eurovison Song Contest is selected by viewer televoting, although there has been some discussion as to whether this actually reflects the quality of the songs or rather national ties and regional camaraderie, as nations cannot cast votes for their own entry.

Iceland got most of its points form the other Nordic countries, and the Icelandic voters reciprocated by giving the highest score to Denmark and Norway. The Russian song got its highest points from former Soviet republics.

Some counties like Italy and Austria, which have been competing since the competition started, have withdrawn from it because of this. After the competition in Serbia, Holland has also announced its withdrawal.

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