“Carforce One” at the National Celebrations


“Carforce One” at the National Celebrations

The Presidential automobile (with license plate “1”) used by the first Icelandic president, Sveinn Björnsson will hit the road again at the Icelandic national celebration on June 17.

The automobile, a 1942 American Packard, has been under restoration for some time and will make its first public appearance since Björnsson drove it. Mbl.is reports.

The current President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, will arrive in car at Althingi when the celebrations start and around noon it will be driven to Reykjavík’s City Museum, Árbaejarsafn. From Árbaejarsafn it will driven to the National Museum, Thjódminjasafnid.

The car will become part of the The National Museum’s collection and it will be used and shown at special occasions.

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