Icelanders Still Have Appetite for Shopping


Icelanders Still Have Appetite for Shopping

Eager customers crowded the new shopping complex Korputorg in Reykjavík, where international toy and furniture stores like Toys “R” Us and ILVA are located, when it opened on Saturday, to take advantage of special opening discounts.

“People started queuing outside the shopping complex at 6 in the morning so it certainly seemed like they were interested,” Arnar Hallsson, managing director of real estate company Stekkjarbrekka ehf., which was responsible for the construction of Korputorg, told Fréttabladid.

When the stores in Korputorg opened at 8 am people had to be let in gradually in groups so that they wouldn’t be too crowded. Store owners thought their eagerness was remarkable considering talks of an economic crisis.

Korputorg was supposed to open over the summer, but the opening was postponed.