McDonald’s Successor in Iceland Off to a Good Start


McDonald’s Successor in Iceland Off to a Good Start

Metro, a new Icelandic fast food chain, opened in three locations in Reykjavík yesterday, replacing McDonald’s, which closed shop for good on Saturday evening. The first day of business was successful, according to the owner, Jón Gardar Ögmundsson.

A hamburger, not from Metro. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

“We’ve been crazily busy and customers have been very pleased,” Ögmundsson told Morgunbladid. “The lines have been huge and the lines for the drive-ins have not been shorter than 50 meters all day.”

Icelanders gave McDonald’s a heartfelt farewell during its last week of operation. Ögmundsson, who used to operate its branches in Iceland, stated that between 100,000 and 110,000 people had dined at the fast food chain last week.

The decision to close McDonald’s was made because of rising prices of imported goods necessary to make the standardized hamburgers following the collapse of the Icelandic króna, Ögmundsson explained in an earlier news story.

The news made the headlines all around the world.

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