New Political Party's Bright Future


New Political Party's Bright Future

The new political party spearheaded by Guðmundur Steingrímsson and political party Besti Flokkurinn has been given the name Björt framtíð, which translates as Bright Future, reports.

gudmundursteingrimsson_althingiGuðmundur Steingrímsson.

Guðmundur is an MP, a former member of the Progressive Party. The Best Party was founded last year around the Reykjavík municipal elections, which it won by landslide, causing Jón Gnarr to become mayor.

The party asked the public for ideas for the new name and received approximately two thousand suggestions. The winning proposal was submitted by six different people.

In a statement, the party says that the name encompasses well the goals of the new party, which are working towards a bright future in small as well as larger issues.

Next on the party’s schedule is organizing a formal founding meeting where the party’s rules will be determined and tasks will be assigned to individuals. After that, they will begin working on the issues based on the party’s ideals for a green, liberal, internationally minded, democratic and above all, a bright future.

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