Long-Term Unemployment on the Rise


Long-Term Unemployment on the Rise

In 2011, approximately 3,400 people had been unemployed for up to twelve months, or 26.5 percent of all unemployed. In 2010, the ratio was 20.3 percent, rúv.is reports.

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Last year, an average of 12,700 people was unemployed and actively seeking work, or 7.1 percent of the workforce. This is considerably lower than in 2010 when unemployment was 7.6 percent at its highest. The number of unemployed people decreased by one thousand in the period.

In 2011, unemployment averaged 9.6 percent in Reykjavík, 7 percent in the greater capital area and 5 percent elsewhere in Iceland.

More men were unemployed, 7.8 percent of men but 6.2 percent of women.


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