Some Other News


Some Other News

A Rolls Royce will replace one of two engines in the brand new Coast Guard ship Þór. The engine has abnormal vibrations and after testing last week in Norway, Rolls Royce the manufacturer, has decided to replace the malfunctioning engine. The cost? ISK 1 billion (USD 83 million, EUR 66 million) and six weeks of work, reports.

coastguard_thor_psCoast Guard Ship Þór. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

Two days ago, the fishing boat Bára SH landed at Rif in Snæfellsnes peninsula with the biggest catfish ever to be caught in Icelandic waters, measuring 127 centimeters long and weighing 19 kilograms, reports.

Sólveig Eiríksdóttir, chef of restaurant Gló in Reykjavík, took home titles in two categories in a recent international raw food competition: Best Raw Gourmet Chef and Best Raw Vegan Simple Chef, ví reports.


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