(Not) Breaking News


(Not) Breaking News

Icelandic Playboy model and underwear Ice Queen Ásdís Rán Gunnarsdóttir and footballer Garðar Gunnlaugsson, have ended their nine-year marriage. He lives in Iceland; she with their two children, Hektor and Victoría in Sofia, Bulgaria.

sigmundurdavidgunnlaugsson_althingi Sigmundur D. Gunnlaugsson Leader of the Progressive Party.

A burglary took place last night at a hairdressing salon in Borgartún, close to Iceland Review’s office.

Will the Progressive Party be bankrupt? The District Commissioner in Reykjavík has been trying to collect the Progressive Party’s ISK 3.2 million (USD 26,000, EUR 19,630) debt. Three years ago, the party bought several advertisements at Reykjavík’s bus stops for the last elections and has yet to pay for them, Fréttablaðið reports.


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