Snow Falls on Leap Day


Snow Falls on Leap Day

After roughly two months of harsh winter conditions with deep snow and stormy conditions, locals had enjoyed a mild climate for the month of February with both sunny and rainy days.

But on Leap Day, snow fell once more draping the city in white once again. The unexpected snowfall came as a surprise to drivers, causing severe delays in the afternoon traffic.

snowrvk01-250112_pkWinter in Iceland. Photo by Páll Kjartansson.

A meteorologist from the Icelandic Met Office told on Leap day that a blizzard could be expected in the evening and into the morning hours, and as predicted, traffic was once more delayed on the streets of the city and conditions on mountain roads such as Holtavörðuheiði and Hellisheiði were hazardous in the blinding blizzard.

However, the surprise snowfall was replaced by heavy rain and strong winds yesterday afternoon and continued into the evening, clearing the streets once more.

Earthquakes in the southwest and north of Iceland were also detected, as reported by Iceland Review Online on Thursday.


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