Charges of Prejudice Dismissed


Charges of Prejudice Dismissed

Charges against local school teacher, Snorri Óskarsson, for prejudicial writing on his blog have been dropped by the District Commissioner in Akureyri.

akureyri-winter2003_psAkureyri. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

Presiding psychologist, Pétur Maack, pressed charges against Snorri, who is often called “Snorri in Betel” due to his strong affiliation with a local Christian group, following Snorri’s recent anti-gay blog posts.

Eyþór Þorbergsson, a deputy at the District Commissioner told they did not believe the writing to be a form of mockery, defilement, slander or intended to attack individuals or a group of individuals for their sexual orientation. Therefore the act is not considered to violate a paragraph of the penal law or other stipulations of penal laws. Eyþór told local newspaper Vikudagur, that the verdict can be appealed to the public prosecutor.

As Iceland Review Online reported last month, Óskarsson has been placed on paid leave for a period of six months due to the controversial comments he made on his personal blog.


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