Condition of Icelandic Roads Poor


Condition of Icelandic Roads Poor

The report was written in response to the concurrent resolution proposition concerning road maintenance plans for 2012.

loop99Higway Road in Iceland.

The authors of the report express fear that continued deterioration of the road system will occur if more funding is not invested in maintenance than is suggested at present, reports.

Tax money from fuel sales will reach ISK 39 billion (EUR 233,630,863; USD 306,386,990), thereof 40 percent will be spent on the Icelandic road system, or a total of ISK 15.7 billion (EUR 94,051,400; USD 123,340,400)

Already do the roads in the capital show signs of damage following the long, difficult winter. The uneven roads often cause water to gather causing unnecessary splashing.

However, Vestfirðir and East Iceland are the areas most in need of road improvement.


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