Computer Game Thor the Hedgehog Released


Computer Game Thor the Hedgehog Released

A new Icelandic computer game for smart phones and tablets is on the market. The game was designed by Icelandic computer specialist Ólafur Egilsson.

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Ólafur Egilsson is a computer specialist who spent ten months working on the game part-time, a task that takes approximately five months in a full time job.

The game is titled Thor the Hedgehog or Broddgölturinn Þór. It is his first computer game and he told, that the making of his very first computer game from scratch was a “relatively complicated process but the next one will certainly be easier in the making.”

Ólafur was however not alone in the making of the game. He received help with the graphics from his wife Kate and his brother Haraldur. His friends at Musemantic composed the music for the game.

Thor the Hedgehog is described as a game for everybody, starring Thor the hedgehog, helium balloons and a rat. The goal of the game is to move certain items off the table and place them in a chest. The game has 108 levels. “It was hard to complete the last twenty levels, they were a strain on my imagination at times,” Ólafur told

Thor the Hedgehog sparked a number of new ideas during its making and Ólafur had a hard time concentrating on completing the game with the birth of new ideas.

“Now that the game is ready and running, I am going to go through the ideas I came up with along the way.”

Two years ago, Ólafur moved to Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife and daughter. He started his own company earlier this year, Glovik Ltd and his company distributes the game. Google also distributes the game through Google Play, known to users of Android smartphones as Android Market.

Marketing the game is the next stage for Ólafur, who refers to the release of the game as “half time”.

“Marketing the game will take some time,” he concluded.

Click here for a demo.


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