Of Monsters and Men Slideshow


Of Monsters and Men Slideshow

Björgvin Ingi Ólafsson, who is completing an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago’s Northwestern University, is the man behind the Of Monsters and Men slide show. He explores some of the reasons behind the band’s success and the interplay of the internet and pure luck.

of-monsters-and-men_pkOf Monsters and Men. Photo by Páll Kjartansson.

Björgvin is amazed by the popularity of the band considering its short career. Of Monsters and Men played at the South By Southwest festival held in Austin recently, along with several other Icelandic bands.

“I bought my ticket here in Chicago. Shortly after I made the purchases I discovered the concert had sold out and the gig was being moved to a larger venue. The tickets for the bigger venue also sold out in no time,” Björgvin told Vísir.is.

Björgvin discovered that this is the norm for most of the band’s performances.

“My theory is that success is a bit of a lottery—either you make it internationally or you don’t. The likelihood of success increases by the individual relevance the internet has but it seems the decision either or is based on a level of randomness,” Björgvin explains.

The presentation is comprehensive and accurate, an achievement considering Björgvin put it together during his exams.

“I should have been studying, I know,” he concluded in the interview with Vísir.is.

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