4 out of 5 Stars for La Bohéme


4 out of 5 Stars for La Bohéme

The Daily Telegraph gave the performance 4 out of 5 stars. The actors are praised for their performances and the critic Hugo Shirley speaks kindly of the main music hall Eldborg or Fire City.

icelandsymphonyorchestra_psRandom photo of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

Shirley praised the stage design and pays a compliment to stage designer Will Bowen and director Jamie Hayes for their full use of Eldborg. He also wrote highly of the stars of the show, Hulda Björk Garðarsdóttir and Gissur Páll Gissurarson, for their performances on stage, as well as those of actors in minor roles.

The successful staging of La Bohéme is partly attributed to the acoustics in Eldborg music hall, a hall in which the sound is remarkably clear. The piece received five stars from local critic Jónas Sen, visir.is reports.

Click here for Hugo Shirley’s full review in the Telegraph.


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