Icelandic Hot Dogs Go International


Icelandic Hot Dogs Go International

Plans of export and overseas sales of hot dogs, a savory fast food produced locally, are underway.

Sláturhús Suðurlands (SS), or South Iceland’s Slaughterhouse, produce the Icelandic SS Hot Dogs, and plan to begin export to overseas markets, according to a company announcement. The company has received a number of requests from overseas and local parties wanting to sell the product in overseas markets, but up until now it has not been a possibility.

bill_clinton_i_nytBill Clinton dined at the legendary hot dog stand in the center of Reykjavík.

The slaughterhouse located in Selfoss received permission for export on February 1, permitting the company to operate fully in the EU market zone. The company’s goal is to operate according to the highest standards in both local and international meat industries.

The new packaging will include a stamp of approval confirming the product fulfills the highest standards set by the EU, reports. Other products to be exported are sandwich toppings and steaks.


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