Former Icelandic PM’s Court Testimonies Made Public


Former Icelandic PM’s Court Testimonies Made Public

The High Court of Iceland, Landsdómur, opened its website,, this week where users can listen to the testimonies of Geir H. Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland, who is on trial for misconduct in office, and witnesses in his case.


Geir H. Haarde. Copyright: Icelandic Photo Agency.

In addition to court recordings, verdicts made by the High Court and speeches by Haarde’s attorney and Alþingi’s (the Icelandic parliament’s) prosecutor are available online, reports.

The principal proceedings of the case began on March 5 and continued through March 16 when the case was received for adjudication.

Among witnesses were current and former ministers and Central Bank governors, officials and former executives of the banks that collapsed in 2008.

It has not been decided when the verdict will be announced but it is expected to happen later this month.

Click here to read more about the case against Geir.


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